Martin is an Artist and Art teacher living and working in Brighton UK. Originally from the Lake District 

Martin brings a Fine Art approach to a Pop Art aesthetic - after studying Fine Art and obtaining his degree in 1996 he has been perfecting his style of painting, always evolving. 

In the beginning his work was predominantly with Charcoal and Conte crayon producing arresting portraits in a traditional style of well known and perhaps some not so well known faces. His subjects are always people he admires and/or in addition have very distinctive and unique faces.

 Influenced by a lot of graffiti art which mixes both  human and animal forms in a fantastic and contemporary way. He has recently turned to painting Landscapes, and in particular two places dear to him  - the Lake District (Birthplace) and Brighton (Hometown). Trying to avoid a traditional approach and instead going for a Semi Abstract feel to the work, predominantly using bold colours and a palette knife which allows for more freedom and expression in the marks made. 

He has previously exhibited at The White Rabbit, JAG Galleries in Brighton and been part of Art Schism, a fantastic co-operative run by artists for artists.  Currently Martin has work at Studio 45 in Brighton, prints at Art Republic and Art Pistol, Glasgow.  

All work on this site is for sale, unless stated otherwise. Please message if interested. 

 Available for commissions.